I think I felt something!

Sometimes, I have to question some of the things we say to try and explain Jesus to kids. Somewhere along the way, possibly from us, maybe at church, Cody (my oldest) was told that Jesus lives inside of him. I don’t know if we have really thought through how a 4-year-old might process such a revelation. Certainly with good intention, it is easy to tell a kid that Jesus wants to live “in their heart” without thinking through how such news might be received. I was not told this at such a young age but I could imagine that to be a pretty disturbing realization. I mean, kids are small. Where would he go?

Now obviously I don’t have issues with kids learning about Jesus. I love hearing my children talk about Jesus because it is my great hope they will choose to become his disciples. Nonetheless, I know that we need to accept that they might get it wrong, and I don’t think for one second that Jesus is disappointed in them.

Take last night for instance. My two year old daughter decided to stick both fingers up her nose. Not very uncommon around our house (with the kids, that is). Anyway, Cody, upon seeing Laila up to her knuckles shouted “Laila! Be careful! You’re going to touch Jesus!”

How can you not help but smile at something like that?


2 thoughts on “I think I felt something!

  1. i love that picture! reminds me of when david told me Jesus lives in his tummy and it feels happy and good…like pizza. i can’t help but think God smiles at kids who are trying to figure it out.

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