Father’s Day

Father’s day. Yes, that great calendar day set aside for honoring all the dads out there. I love today, simply because it reminds me of the great privilege I have of being a dad, and yet if I’m honest, I’ve grown a bit concerned with how dads are portrayed in modern society. I walked into a local big box store here in Grand Rapids and was suprised to see these two shirts hanging on the rack:


First shirt: “Wanted: Dad.  Last seen in front of TV.  $0 Reward.”  

Second shirt: “Danger: Dad offering advice.  Alternative route suggested.”

Really?  This is supposed to be funny?  And judging by the size of the shirt, it looks like dad might be the one wearing it, so this is now a gift given to dad.  I thought the aim of Father’s day was honor? Is this what honor looks like? I don’t mean to sound like I can’t take a joke, but I just have grown weary of seeing dads portrayed as lazy, dumb, and disinterested. Certainly there are many of those out there…dads that took off or checked out. Dads that worked too hard and never made it to a game. Dads that tore down and never took the time to build up.

But there are those of us that are trying. We don’t get it right all the time and we definitely make our fair share of mistakes.  We try to find the balance between hard work and family life and we don’t always make the right choice…but we are trying. We show up. We listen. We leave work early to make it to the game. We are around and stick around. We are trying.

How have you seen dads that are truly making an effort, and how can we celebrate those moments rather than glorify the all to common societal image of the lazy, dumb, and disinterested dad?